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Preparation for the production of polyester-glass laminate elements is a process that starts with the idea and needs of the customer. We start with a conversation with the client, thanks to which we can familiarize ourselves with a given product, its purpose and specific requirements. Such an interview allows us to adjust the production preparation process.

Polyester glass laminates have an infinite number of uses. As Kompozyty Trade, we had the opportunity to work on various interesting projects, approaching each of them individually.

We produce:

  • interior and garden elements such as flower pots, benches, swimming pools and ponds.
  • body parts for special vehicles,
  • cabins for snow groomers, gyroplanes, baskets for special vehicles, snow cannon casings
  • rail vehicle components
  • sports equipment, electric surfboards, hydrofoil masts and wings, ice rink boards
  • housing for specialized medical devices
  • composite fan elements

We can base on the customer's documentation or, if necessary, create, supplement or adapt it. After analyzing our client's needs, our construction department will prepare and adjust the technological documentation. Then, on this basis, production documentation, molds and tools necessary to make the prototype are created.

We specialize in building composite forms. It is an essential tool in the processing of composites. The form is the negative shape of the model that we want to finally obtain.

For our clients, we can build various forms depending on the demand:

  • Composite molds of any shape, based on resin, gelcoat and fiberglass.
  • Aluminum molds - precise, for production in larger series.
  • Molds made of polyurethane foam or MDF for the production of individual elements and for the creation of prototypes.

After approval of the prototype, we can start serial production of finished laminate products.

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KOMPOZYTY TRADE is an expert in building composite elements, including glass laminates based on epoxy and polyester resins. The most important element of the work is the product design, on the basis of which we can prepare tools for work and prepare production.
Our technology allows for any shaping of products. As a company, we have experience in the design and implementation of composite elements for production from various fields and industries. Our design department consists of people with comprehensive experience. Depending on the needs and purpose, we will prepare the design of the project so that it is ergonomic, meets the customer's assumptions and is intended for mass production with the most effective use of materials.
Our examples are:
Implementation of the production of the snow groomer cabin
Design and production of a carbon gyrocopter cabin and tail
Design and implementation for production of the SOS alarm column
Design and implementation for the production of engine housings for specialized vehicles


Our team consists of engineers and technicians with extensive knowledge and experience in the construction of vehicles and synthetic fiber molds.

CAD computer programs, thanks to which we prepare 3D modeling and all construction documentation

Thanks to the production of the product model, the so-called prototype. We can make changes, improve the target product. We can also analyze, plan and improve the production phase of the final product.

Preparation of the model in the prototype stage and the forms for production is the basis for an accurate valuation of the contract.

We prepare the production of carbon and glass composite products

Customers can order ready-made, complex cabins, together with glass, electrical systems, upholstery and other installations.

CNC milling of models on a 5-axis milling machine.
We offer milling of models, moulds and details on a CNC machine with the following parameters:

X - 4000 mm
Y - 2000 mm
Z - 1000 mm

We use the software:

CAD – SolidWorks
CAM – HyperMill

Milling is one of the types of machining, otherwise known as machining. The machine called a milling machine uses a multi-blade tool that performs a rotary motion, which is closely related to the simultaneous sliding movement of the workpiece attached to the working table, removes - milling the excess material, i.e. giving the milled part the desired shape.

KOMPOZYTY TRADE provides 3D scanning services, owing to which we can precisely and quickly reproduce the actual model of such objects as: models, injection moulds, sculptures, bodies, casts.

We offer:

  • 3D scanning - converting the geometry of three-dimensional real objects into digital form
  • creating CAD models and technical documentation
  • editing and processing files in CAD/CAM software
  • visualisation/animation of the object
  • preparing prototypes/model, moulds, serial production on request
  • geometry control of a given object

TIG welding - universal welding method. All grades of steel are welded. It works best when joining elements made of aluminum and aluminum alloys

Mig / Mag welding - a very efficient welding method that guarantees good quality. It is used in technological lines and assembly works.

Kompozyty trade offer the preparation of individual assembly tools for the requirements of specific assembly.

The ordered production is delivered to the customer, finished according to the high standards of the customer.

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