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What we do

KOMPOZYTY TRADE is a manufacturer of carbon and glass fibre composite products for many European innovative companies. Our customers are leaders in their industries, specializing in aircraft equipment, vehicles and specialized machinery.

We create prototypes, mill models, shape them on a 5-axis milling machine, providing them with precise, regular shapes.

We are involved in the production from technical drawings, through technology refinement, selection of appropriate materials to prototyping and serial production.

  • Composites

    Composite means “nothing is impossible”. We manufacture numerous products using polyester and epoxy resins. We have extensive experience, both in long production runs, using hydraulic presses, and short series of manually laminated products.

  • Steel and auluminium structures

    We are an experienced manufacturer of structures made of aluminium, soft and stainless steel. Customers can order ready assembled cabins, together with glazing, electrical systems, upholstery and other installations.

  • Molds and tools

    Our team consists of engineers and technicians with extensive knowledge and experience in the construction of synthetic fibre vehicles and moulds. Experience, both in long production runs with the use of hydraulic presses and short series of manually laminated products.

What we do


Kompozyty Trade is a European supplier of carbon and glass fibre composite products based on polyester and epoxy resins, such as body parts for special vehicles, cabins for gyrocopters, snowcats, tractors and many others. The company specializes in small and medium production series, manufactured using technologies, such as RTM light, manual lamination, infusion, vacuum and pressure pressing. Our motto is “nothing is impossible”

SINCE 2008

The company was founded in 2008 on the initiative of a team of composite production experts who share the passion for innovation, with many years of experience in the production of sports composite products, such as snowboards, skis and kiteboards. The Kompozyty Trade company was established in order to use its many years of experience and contacts in the winter sports industry to expand its activities with composite products from related industries, such as snowcats cabins, snow cannon casings and ice rink boards. Over the time, the range of customers has expanded to other industries and now “nothing is impossible for us”.

The company is located in Bielsko-Biała, which is an excellent location for automotive transport, about a hour away from three airports: Ostrava, Katowice and Krakow.

The Kompozyty Trade team consists of people from different backgrounds, with a wide range of competences, skills, experience and interests.

Bielsko-Biała is a city with rich industrial traditions, famous for the production of laminate structures for gliders, ultralight aircraft, automotive industry and technological university. Thanks to that we are proud of our experienced specialists in their fields.


    We manage the entire production process – from the first technical drawing, through the selection of technology and materials, to the final product. Our engineers and technicians have extensive experience in making models and composite moulds, as well as in serial production. We have modern machines and technologies at our disposal. This makes us an innovative and fast growing company.

  • The Team

    Our team consists of R&D and integrated product specialists, quality engineers, as well as technicians and professionals from modelling, manufacturing, supply chain, management and administration. At the heart of our business is the conviction of the need for continuous development in all areas of our activity. Our aim is to provide our customers with a comprehensive service and to deliver high quality products within a specified time frame. The paramount goal of our efforts is customer satisfaction.


Our products can be supplied as gel-coated, traditionally lacquered products or as raw products prepared for further processing.


    • Design of composite models and moulds in 3D software.
    • Support for Solid Works, Space Claim software.
    • Prototyping.
    • Making models and composite moulds.
    • Manufacturing ready composite products.
    • Milling models with use of CNC method on 5-axis milling machine.
    • Comprehensive installation of components for cabins.
    • CNC milling of models on a 5-axis milling machine.
    • Scanning 3D objects.
    • Welding (TIG, Mig/Mag method).
    • Designing and manufacturing specialist assembly instruments and production tools.
    • Varnishing of composite products.

    • Ultra-light carbon fibre gyrocopter cabins
    • Composite cabins for specialised vehicles (e.g. crane cabin, tractor cabin, snowcat cabin)
    • Composite baskets for car jacks
    • Composite construction of the SOS highway column
    • Composite ice rink boards
    • Composite bodywork elements
    • Composite parts for special vehicles (buses, trams, trains, planes) 
    • Car spoilers
    • Metal safety cages, aluminium and metal platforms
    • Surfboards
    • Composite electric surfboards
    • Composite casings for machinery and technical equipment

    • Manual lamination technology/GRP hand lay-up
    • RTM technology, vacuum infusion  
    • Press moulding technology
    • Manual lamination of carbon products/Carbon hand lay-up
    • Milling in 3 and 5 axes on CNC milling machines
    • Lacquering of products
    • Final product assembly
    • 3D scanning


CNC milling of models and moulds on a 5-axis machine.

We offer milling of models, moulds and details on a CNC machine with the following parameters:

X – 4000 mm
Y – 2000 mm
Z – 1000 mm

We use the software:

CAD – SolidWorks
CAM – HyperMill


Art of composites

Our work is our passion. Composite technology allows for free shaping of products, which allows practically endless possibilities of shaping lumps and details. It is not without reason that these possibilities have been used for years by industrial designers and artists who can design not only functional but also beautiful products. In our work we have the opportunity to meet industrial design of such prominent artists as the team of the famous Italian Pininfarina company or Roman Modzelewski.

Art of composites


KOMPOZYTY Trade provides 3D scanning services, owing to which we can precisely and quickly reproduce the actual model of such objects as: models, injection moulds, sculptures, bodies, casts.

Our experience and modern equipment allows us to quickly and precisely execute complex orders. Technical parameters of our 3D scanners ensure the highest service standards.

  • We have high-tech equipment which enables us to offer:

    • high quality measurement and 3D scanning
    • accurate scanning of objects of different sizes and shapes
    • fine-tuning of the details
    • Measurement results are reported as a point cloud, triangle grid or as full solid documentation (formats: STL, PLY, OBJ, ASC, STEP, IGES).
    • On customer request we produce detailed quality control reports on the geometry of objects produced in relation to their CAD design models.
  • 3D SCANNING – services:

    • 3D scanning – converting the geometry of three-dimensional real objects into digital form
    • creating CAD models and technical documentation
    • editing and processing files in CAD/CAM software
    • visualisation/animation of the object
    • preparing prototypes/model, moulds, serial production on request
    • geometry control of a given object